Recommended Reading – Ebooks by Joseph Rossbach, Ian Plant, and William Neill

Joseph Rossbach, Ian Plant, and William Neill have all recently released terrific ebooks featuring landscape photography. Each has a different focus, but all are lavishly and beautifully illustrated with the authors' own photographs, and all are worthwhile additions to your electronic bookshelf. And they're all a steal, priced at only $5-$10!

Rossbach's “Crafting Compelling Compositions” is a 62-page downloadable PDF focusing on design concepts, tips, and techniques for improving your composition to achieve that “wow” factor. This is not a technical book; it's aimed at improving your photographic eye, not learning to control your camera. Joe's photos make this a lovely picture book, but it will be mainly of interest to photographers who will be inspired by the photos and educated by the commentary.

Plant's “Chasing the Light” is also a 62-page downloadable PDF, and also focuses on the design, composition, and philosophical aspects of landscape photography rather than the technical aspects. Despite some inevitable topical similarities to Rossbach's book, the books focus on different aspects of the broader topics in the authors' distinctive voices. “Chasing the Light” offers Ian's own perspective on the subjects as well as his commentary on his own photos. This book, too, will be mainly of interest to photographers, and for the same reasons as Rossbach's.

By contrast, Neill's “Yosemite: Volume 1” contains 114 pages, with each of 52 images appearing twice: once without commentary in the first half of the book, and again with accompanying commentary and anecdotes in the second half. Also a downloadable PDF, this ebook is more likely to appeal to non-photographers as a picture book, while photographers will find inspiration in both the photos and the commentary. (Neill also offers other similar beautiful photo ebooks at his online store.)

If you enjoy landscape photography, and especially if you are a landscape photographer yourself, you really should snap up all three books at these incredibly low prices. Highly recommended, one and all!

Joseph Rossbach: “Crafting Compelling Compositions”

Ian Plant: “Chasing the Light”

William Neill: “Yosemite: Volume 1”

(These are not affiliate links; I have no financial relationship with any of these books or authors – I'm just an enthusiastic fan of these artists and their work!)

If you have or buy any of these ebooks, please feel free to post your comments on them below!

– Jack

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my ebook! The PDF is interactive in that when you click on a “single page” image, the Photo Notes pop up. Click back on the thumbnail and you return to the main portfolio. Hope that your readers will check it out. Have you seen my other ebooks?

    William Neill

  2. Hi, William – thanks for visiting! Thanks too for bringing the Photo Notes pop-up to my attention – I’d missed that feature.

    Fan of your work that I am, I’ve purchased and enjoyed all your ebooks, and I hope my readers follow suit!

    – Jack

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