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Artist As Entrepreneur – Sramana Mitra Interviews Thomas Mangelsen

I've seen some photographers criticize Thomas Mangelsen as being “too commercial,” but personally as a photographer I enjoy his work while as a business person / entrepreneur I admire his business success. I've been to his Images of Nature galleries in Jackson Hole, WY and, closer to home, Galena, IL, and I must say his large prints are truly impressive. If you're unfamiliar with his work, you can get some idea of it from his website at http://www.mangelsen.com/, but if you get the chance I'd encourage you to visit one of his ten galleries to see his prints in person.

Sramana Mitra has published an informative interview of Mangelsen entitled “Artist As An Entrepreneur Photographer: Tom Mangelsen’s Images of Nature” on her blog at http://www.sramanamitra.com/2010/06/09/artist-as-an-entrepreneur-photographer-tom-mangelsens-images-of-nature-part-1/. Their conversation ranges from his biography to his attitudes toward art, photography, and nature conservancy, to his business experiences.

I think this is an interesting and worthwhile read for entrepreneurial artists and anyone who has wondered what life is like as a world-roving, internationally famous, and wildly successful nature photographer and business person.

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– Jack

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