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Favorite Images of 2013

And… another year gone by! I've created a new gallery of my 10 favorite images of 2013 (also shown below). 2013 was a quiet year for me, photographically; I didn't get to take my usual photo trips, so 9 of the 10 images are from within a couple of hours' drive from my home. With luck, I'll be more productive in 2014!

Several factors come into play when I make my “favorite images” selections. Some I enjoy for aesthetic reasons, some evoke fond memories of the location, and some remind me of the stories behind their making.

My preferences do change as time passes, but at least for now, “Frost and Fog 5209” is my favorite image of 2013:


Which are your favorites, and why? Please let me know in the comments below!

– Jack

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