Gibraltar Rock Sunset

I made it back to Gibraltar Rock for sunset last weekend. Well, twice, actually – Saturday we had some nice clouds as sunset approached, so I headed up (it's a bit over an hour's drive from home) only to get rained out. Sunday I remembered to check the weather map before leaving, and sure enough, no rain at sunset! Sadly, almost no clouds, either – they dissipated as sunset approached. So, not a dramatic sunset, but I really enjoyed being on the bluff at sunset nonetheless.

I did get a few shots I like… Please leave comments below to let me know what you think!

— Jack

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  1. I am still quite amazed at how light can dramatically alter a landscape. These are all quite nice Jack, the last one with the trees draws me especially.

  2. Thanks, Mark. I agree – the quality of light can change a location’s appearance completely. You can get a totally different feel to images made just hours or even minutes apart.

    — Jack

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