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Hyde’s Mill in Autumn

Went on a photo outing to Hyde's Mill with Ben Henthorn & Stan Smith in early October 2012. This is my favorite of my shots from the trip… You can see more in the Old Northwest Territory gallery!

Hyde's Mill is fairly photogenic, but there are a few issues from a photographer's perspective. Access for shooting is very limited – the mill & dam are on private property, so you can only shoot from the road and shoulder (and maybe just a bit farther in, if you're a scofflaw ;^D ). There's also a thick power line hanging low across the creek that ends up in nearly any shot. Still, it was a fun outing with my photog buddies, and I'll be returning this winter.

If you want to visit, you can find the mill by entering “Hyde's Mill, Mill Road, Ridgeway, WI” in Google Maps.

Does anyone know of other scenic mills in southern WI or northern IL?

— Jack

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  1. What a nice spot Jack. It is almost if all of the elements were arranged by a painter… heck, a nice old mill, a waterfall, the colors… all work well together.

  2. Hey, Doc! I was looking at some of your work recently & wondering how you’re doing! Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for stopping by!

    — Jack

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