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Hyde’s Mill, Spring Evening

Located outside Ridgeway, Wisconsin, Hyde's Mill is a fun and moderately scenic locale to photograph. It generally doesn't take very long to shoot there, as the mill is on private property, and so are most vantage points – really, you can only shoot from the road or, if you're willing to trespass just a little, the stream bank next to the mill. As a result, you'll see a lot of similarity in photos of the mill.

I shot here last fall, but didn't get back for winter. I've been itching to get out shooting, so last night I just put the camera gear in the car and headed out on the 1.5 hour drive from home to Hyde's Mill. Skies over the mill were clear, so there wasn't a spectacular sunset, but there was some nice light nonetheless.

You can see the mill on google maps here: http://goo.gl/maps/Y4d6k

My favorite shot from last fall is here: https://jackjohnsonphoto.com/blog/hydes-mill-in-autumn/

The image below is my favorite shot from last night…

If you know of any other mills in southern WI or northern IL, please leave a comment below & let me know about it!



Hyde's Mill, Spring Evening 3977

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  1. Seems there are a lot of places like this Jack, where the photos are taken mostly from the same spot due to access reasons. McWay Falls in CA comes to mind for me. Nonetheless, it is a great picturesque view, and this one certainly shows the vibrant greens of springtime.

  2. Nice location.
    Why not ask for permission and get to shoot where you want or perhaps from a better vantage point?
    Also – don’t you need permission from the owner to sell a photo commercially?

  3. Hi, Jamie –

    The property is vacant, but there are large signs warning against trespassing and that they “are watching” – how they are watching, I’m not sure… 🙂 Perhaps one day I’ll track them down to ask…

    You can actually sell such images as fine art, but you’d run into problems if you tried to sell it for advertising, for instance. At least, that’s my understanding, but I’m not a lawyer.

    Thanks for visiting!

    – Jack

  4. Jack, a wonderful photograph of a very cool location. I’ve always wanted to photograph a mill like this and I’m envious that it is so close to you. Too bad that it’s closed off because one could spend hours exploring it. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks, Derrald. It is a nice locale, and I plan to do more shooting there this coming fall and winter. Pics will be posted here, of course!

    – Jack

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