Favorite Images of 2012

Another year in the tin! I've created a new gallery of my 12 favorite images from the many I made in 2012 (also shown below). As you might expect, ten of the twelve are from the Northwoods of Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Several factors come into play when I make my “favorite images” selections. Some I enjoy for aesthetic reasons, some evoke fond memories of the location, and some remind me of the stories behind their making. Although many photographers select their top 10 shots of the year, I thought “12 for '12” seemed appropriate.

My preferences do change as time passes, but at least for now, “Autumn Aspen pano 3470-2” is my favorite image of 2012.

Which are your favorites, and why? Please let me know in the comments below!

– Jack

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  1. What a great group Jack! It is always a bit of a tough process with these end of year picks, especially when it comes down to the final picks. It reminds me a bit of what it must be like for a photo editor or a contest judge, except I have emotional ties to most of them. Like you, mine are a mix of photographic favorites, memories, etc.

    The aspen pano is one that stands out for me because it really seems to be in harmony with that format and the scene you have there. Copper Falls detail and the Northwoods Zen would also be up there for me. In particular, the Northwoods Zen is probably a scene I have seen myself, but really didn’t see the potential in such an image. Looking at it here, I was thinking – hey – that works well.

  2. Thanks, Mark! “Autumn Aspen” is currently my favorite shot from 2012…

    I just took a look at your picks for the year – lovely images. I absolutely love “Fall Woodland” – what a beautiful, evocative image! Well done, my friend!

    — Jack

  3. Jack,
    From this collection it seems another excellent photographic year has passed. While I like the waterfall images, I am drawn to the simplicity of the rocks in the water. Well done.

    Here’s wishing you a prosperous and prolific new year, my friend!


  4. Looks like we were some of the same places this year. I toured the western end of Michigan’s UP and the Washburn, Wisconsin area in mid-September. Went to Lake of the Clouds, the Presque Isle River and Houghton Falls Nature Preserve. I ended up on the wrong side of the Presque Isle River to get the best waterfall photos. Really enjoyed your 12 best photos. Thanks for sharing. Tom

  5. Hey, Tom – I’ll have to check out your site! I’ve only been to Houghton Falls once – definitely need to get back there!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    — Jack

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