Same Day, Other Way – Lake Superior Sunset 5330

I shot this image the same evening as the Lake Superior Sunset 5325 image I posted recently. This is a view of the shoreline cliffs on Lake Superior near Superior Falls, in the northwoods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Looking at these images takes me back to that beautiful spring evening, watching the sun go down and the sky light up, listening to the gentle waves washing ashore and rattling the beach rocks. You really had to be there, but I hope they give you some small taste of what it was like.

Please do comment or email to let me know what you think (or better, feel)!

– Jack

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  1. Jack,
    I suddenly slow down, I feel immediately peaceful and centered as I let the colors of the sky and the silence of the water operate their magic.

    Thanks for this beautiful instant


  2. Much more subtle tones in this one Jack, but still very pleasing. Since you can see some detail in the hillside, I do wonder about the difference in the overall image if that area was softly lightened and sharpened a bit. I would be curious also to see what Topaz adjust or Detail would do to the hillside, then mask out the effect on the rest of the image because it doesn’t need it. Very tranquil image.

  3. Hey, Mark! The cliff area actually does open up a bit in larger sizes – I’m actually sitting under a 30″ x 45″ print of this one right now! I had a fair amount of trouble with noise in this one and wasn’t happy with the results when I tried to sharpen that area more, but that was quite a while ago – might be worth revisiting with the tools & knowledge I’ve gotten since then…

  4. Thanks, Iza! It’s true, sometimes on Lake Superior it’s hard to pick out the horizon – it feels like the lake just goes on forever…

    – Jack

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