Quiet Autumn Images – An Internet Riff With Mark Graf

This post and image by fellow photographer and online buddy Mark Graf got me thinking about some of my own favorite autumn scenes. I love the bold fall color shots as much as the next guy, but there's something about a quiet autumn image that I find incredibly soothing and serene. Here are some personal favorites, most of them the result of the sort of turn-around Mark mentions in his post. (If you haven't read it yet, you should probably wait until you're finished reading this post & looking at the pics – I can practically guarantee that once you go to Mark's website, you're going to enjoy hours of virtual wandering through his online galleries!)

What are your favorite types of fall photos? I invite you to leave a comment below & let us know!

— Jack

Look familiar, Mark? 🙂


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  1. I appreciate the trackback and links Jack! Beautiful scenes here. They certainly look like scenes that would make me stop. 🙂

  2. hey jack

    100%. And I appreciate the pointer to Marks’s site, I hadn’t checked in on his blog in a while .. and I needed the reminder. What a great shooter he is.

    And I appreciate that conundrum of shooting in the fall; the subtle, softer images versus the peak color saturated +100 images. It’s easy to get lost with the latter and forgo the former.



  3. Hey, Carl –

    I agree – and it can be all too easy to get caught up in the echo chamber of looking at other photographers’ work as the basis for comparison. I was happy to see Mark’s post – it reminded me to pause to recalibrate a bit. (And I agree, he is a great shooter, and I really love his rock macro abstracts as well as his more traditional landscape images.)

    Thanks for stopping by – come back anytime! 🙂

    – Jack

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