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New Posters Gallery Added

I've added a new Posters gallery to the website to show which images are currently available as posters. Most images on the website can be set up in poster format, so if there’s an image you’d like to see as a poster that’s not shown in the gallery, please let me know!

The posters are suitable for framing and feature a 12″ x 18″ image printed on an 18″ x 24″ (standard poster size) sheet of high-quality paper, using long-lasting inks.

At only $25, posters offer an easy way to surround yourself with beauty on a budget! A poster is also a great way to live with an image before purchasing a more expensive fine art print version of it.

So, what do you think? Do you like the poster format & pricing? Hate it? Are there other ways you'd like to be able to enjoy my work, such as on cups, calendars, or mouse pads, or do you think those would be tacky or cheesy? Please leave comments below to let me know your thoughts!

– Jack

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  1. I think the posters are a good idea Jack. Personally I don’t care for the pictures on all the trinkets, with the exception of calendars. I used to offer them through my site, but became disappointed with the quality of the vendor I was getting them through.

  2. Hey, Mark –
    Who was your vendor? Is there a vendor who has done a good job for you on posters, calendars, etc.?
    A few years ago I did a small run of calendars that I printed & bound myself, convincing me that if I were to offer calendars for sale I’d have somebody else do that part! I’m currently printing the posters myself, too, but if volume picks up I’d like to have somebody else print them, too.
    Thanks for stopping by! :^D

  3. I was getting them through Cafepress, but that was many, many years ago now. For the type of calendar they were, the general market prices would only allow me to make a dollar or two per calendar. The volume would have to be very high to make it worth my while, and the volume simply wasn’t there. I think that is a tough market to break into and make it worth it other than just personal gratification. When a publisher can send 50 calendars out to a variety of bookstores, outlet malls, etc – it is tough to justify why someone would pay more for yours.

    I haven’t looked into the posters at all actually.

    Definitely leave the manual labor stuff to someone else! Hah!

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