Bradley Nordlof Landscape Photography Presentation at Camera Craft

I attended Brad Nordlof's Landscape Photography presentation last night at Camera Craft in Rockford. Brad showed slides (on the large-screen TV) of his photos and offered tips and advice to fellow photographers. Due to some initial time lost on technical difficulties with the TV's interface to the computer, Brad had to omit some material – I hope Camera Craft brings him back for a repeat or follow-up performance.

The TV didn't do Brad's images justice, by the way; if you ever get a chance to see his prints in person, don't pass it up! (I believe Brad will be opening his studio for the Rockford Fall ArtScene again this year.) Brad is among the handful of photographers whose large prints showed me what was possible and encouraged me to start printing larger than 13″ x 19″ myself. It sounds cliche, but standing before one of his huge prints you really do feel like you could step right into the scene! In the meantime, check out his website at http://northernleafimaging.com/ and be sure to follow him on facebook!

Thanks to Tom Brady and the rest of the staff at Camera Craft for sponsoring this presentation. There will be another presentation, this one on macro and close-up nature photography, Tuesday May 29, 2012. Give them a call at 815.877.FOTO (3686) for details and to sign up. Incidentally, the staff at Camera Craft is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful; I buy most of my gear there and refer anyone who asks about which camera to buy to them. Highly recommended!

— Jack

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