Mercer Lake Foggy Morning – More Landscape Photography from the Wisconsin Northwoods

This is another image from my recent trip to the northwoods of Wisconsin & the Michigan Upper Peninsula. It was taken shortly after another image I recently posted, Mercer Lake Foggy Morning 7132. What a difference a few minutes can make in the light on the landscape!

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– Jack

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  1. Jack – I swear someone is cloning that dock design! I photographed one that looks like the exact same dock – but no where near this location. I like the tranquility in this.

  2. Thanks, Mark!

    Hmmm… I wonder if dock designers get into intellectual property wars over features like the collar-and-post system to let the pier move up and down with the water level… :^D

    Do you have any pics with the dock up on your website?

    Hey, saw your pics in the Outdoor Photographer “Your Favorite Places” contest gallery – good luck!

    – Jack

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