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Monthly Desktop Wallpaper / Calendar – June 2010

June already! Here's my June 2010 desktop wallpaper / calendar image, again in two image sizes, one wider than the other. This month's photo is of a peaceful sunset on North Bass Lake in Mercer, Wisconsin.

To set an image as your desktop wallpaper, just right-click (PC) / control-click (Mac) on one of the links below and save the image to your desktop or some other location where you'll be able to find it again. Then right-click (PC) / control-click (Mac) on the image and select the option to make it your Desktop Background / Picture.

Even easier, some browsers will let you set it as your Desktop Background / Picture directly from their context menu when you right-click (PC) / control-click (Mac).

As always, please leave your comments below to let me know what you think!

– Jack

June 2010 – 1440 x 900

June 2010 – 1280 x 1024

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